Brazilian Walnut Flooring

Brazilian Walnut Flooring House

The floors are crucial to protect the foundation of a house. There are many important factors to consider when choosing the right material. Walnut hardwood floors offer durability, classic beauty and unmatched longevity.

Also known as floor plank floorboards that are present on one side male and the other female, which does fit a board at the other giving greater strength, quality and durability for work performed. There are several woods that are used as Ypê floor, jatoba, Garapeira, ivory, sucupira, muiracatiara and walnut. The floor is nowadays applied in various places such as: floor, mezzanine, liner, solera, gate and so on. The Lemon Tree Lumber has no placement offers more floor line varnishes for finishing service.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring, considered medium density, are very resistant to dents, scratches and other damage. Like other wood floors, they can be deformed by excessive exposure to moisture, which makes them risky for kitchens and bathrooms.

Warm and sensitive to the touch, walnut hardwood floors offer a rich and dark look that synthetic floors have difficulty matching.

Brazilian Walnut hardwood Flooring are not difficult to install, But it is advisable to seek professional assistance. This may result in additional fees at installation.

These floors are not the must expensive compared to synthetic floors, but they value the property and can last throughout the lifetime of the home when properly maintained.

Brazilian Walnut hardwood Flooring are easy to clean and can be maintained with periodic scans. When conducting a more thorough cleaning, check with the manufacturer which products to use.

Workmanship: Decorative coating of cellulose impregnated with melamine resin that determines the tread pattern, providing beauty to the product.

Technical Features: HDF-H, high density and moisture resistant

Benefits: Boards larger and elegant, practical and fast installation, no smell, noise and dirt, more durability, more strength, The Brazilian Walnut Flooring are easy to clean and maintain, excellent finish, exclusive and modern patterns, perfect fitting male and female, comfortable in any temperature , provides sophistication to the environment, Environmentally friendly, Does not degrade the environment.

Brazilian Walnut Flooring